Salmon Tartar



Marine cube salmon, spinach, pomegranate or oranges

Total: 8.99

Marine cube salmon, spinach, pomegranate or oranges

Savor the Delights of Mama’s Catering Salmon Tartar Embark on a culinary journey with Mama’s Catering Salmon Tartar. This exquisite dish features the freshest, high-quality salmon, finely diced and expertly seasoned with a medley of flavorful ingredients. Each bite offers a perfect harmony of textures and tastes, as the tender salmon melts in your mouth, complemented by the subtle crunch of finely chopped vegetables and the zing of zesty sauces. Whether you’re planning an upscale event or an intimate gathering, Mama’s Salmon Tartar will elevate your dining experience with its sophisticated flavors and artistic presentation. Order now and indulge in the delights of this premium seafood delicacy.


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