Fries Large


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Mama's Fries Large are delicious and healthy. The safest, easiest way to make perfect crispy oven-baked fries. Just open and fill the bag with your favorite potato slices, and seasoning, and let Mama do the work!

Mama's fries are crispy and extra delicious. If you love french fries, be sure to give them a try. Mama's fries masterfully combine the all-natural goodness of potatoes with delicious seasonings to bring you an, unlike any other snack.

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Mama’s Fries Large crispy and deliciously seasoned oven-baked potato slices with seasoning.

Craving a classic and crowd-pleasing side dish for your next event? Mama’s Catering has you covered with our mouthwatering Fries large. Our fries are expertly cooked to perfection, ensuring a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior that will satisfy every fry lover’s craving. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate gathering, or private party, our Large Fries are a versatile and beloved option that pairs well with a variety of main courses. At Mama’s Catering, we prioritize using high-quality ingredients to deliver a delectable and memorable dining experience. Contact Mama’s Catering today to elevate your event with our delicious Large Fries that will leave your guests coming back for seconds.


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